Meet the Management:


Peggy Guccione: Owner

I am not a Butte native, but I am a Butte lover. I was raised in the Chicago area in a turn-of the
century (that is the turn of the 19 th to the 20 th century) and finally settled in northwest Arkansas to teach geology at the University of Arkansas. My husband and I bought a small ranch with a tiny settler’s log cabin outside of Melrose, Montana to spend summer and Christmas vacations. While shopping in nearby Butte, I became entranced with the architecture and history of Butte. After attending my first “Dust to Dazzle” tour of five historic homes put on by the historic preservation group in Butte (CPR), I was inspired to renovate old homes including the Hodgens Ryan Mansion. The mansion was built and used as a single-family residence for much of its existence, but I have transformed it to a Bed and Breakfast and a short-term or long-term accommodation so that others can enjoy it as much as I do! The size and elegance of the rooms are a reminder of a day-gone-by, but with a simple and practical layout. The master suite has a super manager, Deb Pascua, who loves the mansion as much as I do. Deb looks after and lives at the mansion, welcoming guests from around the world.

Deb Pascua Portriat .jpg

Debra Pascua: Manager

I was raised in Butte and left for Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota. Moving slightly west after graduation, I lived in North Dakota for twenty-five years and worked in a wide variety of jobs. These included working with crops at North Dakota State University, baking, cooking, and serving at restaurants, as a nursing assistant, banking, managing oil royalty auditing, employee records and budgets for the state of North Dakota, health insurance, and as a self-employed residential cleaner. This combination of experiences made me a natural fit when I moved back to Butte and started working at Hodgens Ryan Mansion in 2011. I enjoy the diversity of the extended-stay tenants, as well of the short-term guests. I value the variety of tasks, but especially the positive peaceful atmosphere where we strive to create a home atmosphere that is efficient for the guests to live in. Our long-term guests include traveling professionals, students, people new to Butte, those remodeling their homes that need a place to stay during the interim, as well as short-term guests enjoying vacations or Butte Events.