About Butte, Montana

     Butte is Montana’s most unique city with the perfect balance of small town charm and big city feel. Butte-Silver Bow (Butte), a City-County of more than 34,000 impassioned community members, is nestled within the Rocky Mountains of Southwest Montana. Our community offers residents access to thousands of acres of pristine wilderness, spectacular mountain views, affordable living, quality schools, extraordinarily clean water, and an unparalleled quality of life.

     Like the community itself, Butte. Elevated. embodies “elevation.” Butte. Elevated. is about channeling the essence, hopes, and dreams of our community and sharing these stories with the world. Butte. Elevated. is composed of you— family, friends, neighbors, visitors, advocates, and champions. You are influential and have the ability to make Butte’s tomorrow even better than today. It is time to share with the world all of the positive experiences of life in Butte and tell the unique stories making this place the Richest Hill on Earth!

- Butte Elevated

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Here's what there is to do in Butte, According to Butte Elevated

Geology and Mining

Learn About Butte's Rich Mining and Geologic History

Butte Historic District

Learn About the History of Butte Silver-Bow