Our Mission

Our mission is to make our guests feel at home through an atmosphere that is welcoming, cheerful, and peaceful.

The Origins of Hodgens Ryan Mansion

     The front half of Hodgens Ryan Mansion was built in 1899 by Thomas Hodgens, Head Cashier for State Savings Bank. A few years later, in 1905, he sold the house to John D. Ryan, who was President of the Montana Power Company. Ryan approximately doubled the size of the house by adding the back portion of the structure to make it the mansion that it is today. The Hodgens Ryan Mansion still reflects the grandeur of the Industrial Period when industrialists consolidated the mining operations and power of Butte, Montana, allowing them to live in luxury while miners worked in harsh conditions. 

Staying at HRM: A Weekend or A Year

     Staying at Hodgens Ryan Mansion, we offer our own unique blend of hospitality, one you will cherish. We serve as a cozy extended-stay for businessmen and women or students attending Montana Tech. We also serve as a conveniently-located Bed and Breakfast for the doers who participate in one of the many activities, such as the Montana Folk Festival.

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